Mulch & Topsoil

Our colored mulch is 100% recycled material. Bucklin’s has joined the green evolution. We felt it was necessary to do our part to help keep green waste out of our landfills.
Our new state of the art equipment turns otherwise useless material into premium mulch to be used in the landscapes of the community. All the material that is used to produce the mulch comes from the valley area. We don’t ship any wood products from other areas that could carry pests or other contaminates that would be unwanted in your landscapes.
Not sure how much mulch you’ll need? Use our mulch calculator to find out!

$34 per Cubic Yard  +tax

Coco Mulch

Red Mulch
Black Mulch
$31 per Cubic Yard  +tax

Natural Mulch
$30 per Cubic Yard  +tax

Per Ton  +tax

Crusher Run
$10.10 per ton

$10.35 per ton

3/4 clear
$11.10 per ton


Fill Sand
$6.50 per ton
Recycled Concrete
$7.00 per ton
Recycled Asphalt
$8.75 per ton
Trail Chips
$24.00 per yard
1-1/2″ River Rock
$49.95 per ton
3/4″ River Rock
$49.95 per ton
1-1/2″ Moody Blue Stone
$57.50 per ton
3/4″ Indian Sunset Stone
$37.50 per ton
Pea Gravel
$25.50 per ton
1-1/2″ After Midnight Stone
$48.50 per ton
3/4″ After Midnight Stone
$48.50 per ton

We are located at

936 Appleton Rd
Menasha, WI 54952